Must Have Supplies for Every Camper

Summer is back. Spend time outdoors and enjoy the camping season with friends or family. There are things that you must pack as you prepare for camping. You may get caught up in camping excitement and forget some necessities you cannot bear not to have. Here is a list of must have supplies for every camper;


When going for a wild camp where there are no facilities like shelter, hanging ropes and hiking ropes provided, packing your rope is critical. If possible, wrap a reflective line for housing purposes. The reflective rope is ideal in that you can see the tent ropes at night, reducing chances of tripping and ruining your tent.



It is easy to forget a flashlight when heading out because it may serve no purpose. However a flashlight lights up the way for you when camping out late in the night, or when you need to use a bathroom or have a midnight snack without having to light up the tent.


The thrill of camping is to sit around a fire in the evening and exchange some sweet nothings or experiences of the day. A camp fire lightens the mood and relaxes campers. Leaving your house without a match sticks is lethal less you start the fire the old way. A fire also warms the carried food and you as well. Never leave matchsticks behind even when you have fire crystals.

Sleeping pad

Do not dare ruin the fun of camping with a restless night because your sleeping bag is not comfortable enough for a good night’s sleep! Always remember to pack a sleeping pad for a beautiful morning and maximum camping fun.

Navigation tools

Camping is an escape route to modern technology and the hustles of technology privileged life. As much as you can carry your mobile phone to access the GPS or the one in your car, there is no need of going back to the one thing you are taking a break from, carry maps, compass, and use radios for communication. Learn how to read maps and navigate.



The weather is never constant; hence forecasting. Carry clothes and other gear that will not render your camping experience as horrific. Pack some warm clothes should it rain. Pack some boots and extra clothes and blankets. There is no need to huddle or crowd in one tent for warmth.

Hanging cupboard

With a hanging cabinet, there is no reason to worry about the condition of your cooking items or food. The cupboard is like a bag but has shelves where you can arrange your snacks, peanut butter, sauces, ketchup, cooking oil and other items. Why starve yourself in camps when you can carry a mini-kitchen in the form of a hanging cardboard with you?

Swiss army knife

Unless you are a scout or ranger, the chances are that you will forget a pocket knife. The knife comes in handy when you need to cut ropes, twines, stripping wire insulation or just for whittling. The Swiss army knife occupies little space. You can also pack a hobby knife for making precise canvas cuts, or cut tapes, wood, plastics, and stakes.

First aid kit

Last but not the least, first aid is paramount. Never travel without a first aid kit. You have to be prepared for accidents and when out in the camping grounds there may be no hospital, or the hospital could be miles and miles away. The package does not need to be sophisticated. Just throw in some bandages, Elastoplasts, wound disinfectants, inhalers, straps, and painkillers.


After confirming that you have all these critical camping essentials, you can look forward to your camping adventure!

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